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What Is The Pneumatic Component Rotating In The Hydraulic Cylinder?
Apr 27, 2017

A pneumatic element is a component that works by the force of the pressure or contraction of the gas, and the energy of the shrinking air is converted into kinetic energies. such as cylinders, steam turbines and so on. It is a kind of energy transmission situation, also for energy conversion installation, using gas pressure to transmit energy.

The advantages of pneumatic components are:

1, the pneumatic installation constructs simple, lightweight, installs the protection simplicity. Low pressure level, so the use of peace.

2, the task medium is inexhaustible air, the air itself does not spend money. Exhaust solution Simple, not purify the environment, capital Low.

3, input force and task speed conditioning is very easy. The speed of the pneumatic cylinder is individually 50~500mm/s, which is faster than the hydraulic and electrical methods.

4. High reliability and long service life. The number of effective measures of electrical components is about a million times, and SMC's individual solenoid valve life expectancy more than 30 million times, small valves exceed 200 million times.

5, the use of the contraction of the air, can store energy, complete centralized gas supply. The energy can be released in short time to obtain the high-speed response in intermittent stationary. The prestressed anchor can be accomplished with buffering. Strong adaptability to impact load and overload. Under certain conditions, the pneumatic installation can be maintained by self.

6, all pneumatic grasp with fire, explosion-proof, moisture-proof talent. Compared with the hydraulic method, the pneumatic method can be used in low temperature.

7, because the air activity loses small, the contraction air can concentrate supply, the long-distance distance walks.

II. Disadvantages of pneumatic components:

1, because the air is shrinking, the speed of the cylinder's move is susceptible to changes in the load. Adopting a gas-liquid linkage method can overcome this shortcoming.

2, the cylinder at low speed at static, because the friction force accounted for a larger proportion of the thrust, the cylinder at low speed stability than the hydraulic cylinder.

3, although in many uses of the premises, the input force of the cylinder can satisfy the task request, but its input force is smaller than the hydraulic cylinder. Pneumatic skill is to shrink air as the medium to drive and master mechanical skills of a professional. Because it possesses the advantages of energy saving, no purification, high efficiency, low capital, safe and reliable, and simple construction, it is widely used in various machinery and consumption lines. Come over the car, procrastination machine and other consumer line of pneumatic system and its components, all by the factory design, production and collision repair.

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