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Analysis Of The Hydraulic Cylinder Throttle How To Adjust?
Apr 27, 2017

Bulldozers, loaders, digging machines and truck cranes in the use of a period of time, tends to emerge control mechanism sensitivity to change, the task of slow and other initiatives.

1, the sight

Initiator exhaust, operation, sound all strange, start-up difficult, slow deceleration; hydraulic system oil is purified, hydraulic components and pipelines, joints internal and internal oil leakage is important, hydraulic cylinder can not lock the active back shrink; the control lever of the whole machine is loose and the control is blocked and arduous.

2, Causes

It is important to overload the long time and work in the environment that does not fit in the request, and when the daily rest is inferior, the large, medium and minor repairs do not meet the specification request.

3. Methods

(1) strict governance and continuously improve the skills of operators, the guarantee can accurately use the hydraulic cylinder of engineering machinery.

(2) Enhance the daily maintenance and review of equipment and improve the completeness rate of equipment.

(3) The improvement of collision repair personnel's skill temperature and duty heart, to ensure the quality of large, medium and minor repairs. The proper addition of dedicated collision repair equipment, tools, instruments and technical materials.

(4) to regulate and repair the machinery.

4, adjustment and Repair methods

(1) To initiate the adjustment of oil door

For example, with a diesel engine mounted on a truck crane, after a temporary application, the hydraulic cylinder sometimes in the car to control its throttle will emerge slower growth, not to the highest speed and maximum power conditions. At this point the need to review, adjust the pedal throttle all the drive chain. The task requires two people, one in the car to control the accelerator pedal, another person in the fuel injection pump to inspect the static state of the speed rod. The use of many years of cranes, the operator of the cab in spite of the throttle pedal to the limit, but in practice the diesel fuel injection pump speed rod sometimes can not reach the limit status. As the speed regulating pole in the machine is not easy to inspect the position of the operator, its empty itinerary is often ignored, and therefore should inspect more than a few times, try Tianjin stainless steel mesh. The cause of this situation, one is the diesel engine throttle drive system dimensional chain change, its two empty stroke accumulated too much; second, some drive installation of fasteners such as tightening screw loose formation. At this time should press the throttle drive size chain gradually to review, when the bus pedal, the speed lever must also reach the limit. The air drive in the accelerator drive chain should be retained as requested by the hydraulic cylinder, and should be fastened and adjusted according to the details of each equipment.

(2) Repair of gear pumps

Gear pump wear, the important is the pump casing inside and outside the table, tooth top and tooth thickness wear. The repair method is: A layer of metallic coating is brushed on the exterior abrasion of the pump casing, to restore the original size of the gears, to the tooth top and tooth thickness of the plating, recovery teeth thickness and the size of the top of the teeth; the sleeve is individually only changed, and the new sleeve must pay attention to its axial length, do not leave room. Can be used for several types of gear pumps with accurate measurements, then choose wear contrast light gear and pump body from the new combination of outfit, and experiment on the bench.

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